Friday, July 17, 2009

Water Works

So, tipped off by rab of FtW Cycling Experience, I decided to cross the Trinity River at Route 183 on my way home from work yesterday. And the mudflat he described was there. The river has apparently forced a new path under the dam, as evidenced by a slowly rotating whirlpool.

It's okay because the city fixed it. By putting up a sign.

I feel better. Don't you?

This morning was a different kind of water works. I slept right through it, but apparently we had significant rainfall last night. When I went out to get the paper this morning, the ground was mostly dried up already, but there were sprinkles in the air. I ate breakfast and took my shower, and when I set out I found it had rained again. It had stopped already when I started riding, but the world was wet and steamy.

It's a good thing I put those full fenders on my commuter. I had to be careful on the curves; a couple of times the bike almost fish-tailed out from under me. I managed to keep it under control and rode conservatively the rest of the way.

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RANTWICK said...

Fenders RAH! I love riding in the rain.