Thursday, July 16, 2009

Do The Test

No, not this test:

...although it's a good test for your motorist friends. I mean this test: The Cycling Risk Assessment Study.
The New York Cycle Club (NYCC) is conducting a survey to gather bicycling accident information from a diverse population of cyclists. Anyone may submit one or more bicycling accident survey responses. Whether you had a minor or major accident, or observed one, live in New York or far away, please click here to enter a survey response.
Thanks for your help!

via Let's Go Ride a Bike


Steve A said...

I entered my most recent accident to see how the survey really worked. It's not really oriented towards minor falls, which pretty much decribe all my accidents, except the time I zinged a finger, trying to force a balky derailleur into place, and I'd not want to try to apply the survey to THAT.

Take the survey for crashes of all sorts, it looks very good for those. I don't think they're really looking for data from people who just fell down with no harm done.

RANTWICK said...

I was in exactly the same boat as Steve A. Minor wipeout in snow conditions. I didn't ahve a "real" accident to use for the survey.

ChipSeal said...

Too bad they are not interested in the thousands of miles I have traveled without harm.

A servey with select data. Select data in, select data out.

Doohickie said...

I sent a comment stating the fact that they didn't really cover all the bases, kind of like you guys said.

Chip- you should probably send them a note stating what you said here. Of course if what they want to do is identify areas for improvement and seek to find ways to prevent accidents, accident-free miles isn't exactly what they're looking for.

Maybe they'll need you in Phase II if they try to come up with a cycling safety education cirriculum.

Steve A said...

I can't believe ChipSeal has never had his foot slip off a pedal instead of clipping in, leading him to get an owie on his leg, nor being bit by a DOG (or was he fibbing about Bella?).

I have bike accidents pretty much every week. Why, just a few weeks back, I got attacked by fire ants while trying to put my earphones on. Today, at work, I backed my bike into its usual corner, so I could take a refreshing shower, the chain fell off the front chainwheel, and I accidentally got grease on my fingers getting it back on.

This is DANGEROUS stuff! ChipSeal's standards are just unreasonably high. I'll admit that chain grease isn't worth a survey, but dogs ought to be on the list.