Friday, July 24, 2009

Off Friday Ride

Where I work, we get every other Friday off. So today about a half dozen of us met at Lake Benbrook and rode to downtown Fort Worth for breakfast.

Between the ride the group did, and my ride from and to my house, I did a little over 40 miles on my bike.

There were about a half dozen of us that did the ride. The featured part of the ride for me was that we followed the portion of the Trinity River Trail from Lake Benbrook to Bellaire Drive in Fort Worth, a section I'd only ridden once before. It's unique in that it isn't right along the river and there is a lot of shade.

The trail finally comes out on Bellaire

...then after a couple miles we were traveling along Trinity River toward downtown Fort Worth. We cycled on through some light rain.

As the downtown skyline got closer, things dried up.

Then it was a bridge over the Trinity River and we were downtown.

We had breakfast at The Corner Bakery. Most of us had The Commuter Croissant or Baked French Toast; I highly recommend either one.


Dottie said...

Looks like a great trail! Is it something that's useful for commuters or more of a recreation thing?

Doohickie said...

The trail runs along the Trinity River in a more-or-less straight fashion from Benbrook (a bedroom community) to downtown Fort Worth, so yes, it is useful for commuting. If you click the bikely link in the post you can see how the trail runs.

For me peronsally, I tend to cross it more than follow it, but I use it for about 3 miles on one of my commuting routes.

HeidiTri's said...

Oooh. I missed this post until just now. I wish I had been there. Looks lioke a fun ride.

Doohickie said...

Yesterday's was even more fun. We planned to go to the Corner Bakery again, but we got caught in rain, then lightning. Our group diverted to Ol' South Pancake House. The cruisers met us there, but the swifties did make it to Corner Bakery.