Monday, July 06, 2009

July Fourth Eve

Getting a little caught up here. The last several years in our church we've had a talent/variety show that lies somewhere between A Prairie Home Companion and The Gong Show the Friday prior to Independence Day. I apologize in advance for the crappy cell phone pictures.

Mrs. Doohickie was the MC. She was there early but forgot her watch, so she asked me to bring it. I arrived on my bicycle just as the show was beginning and rode right up the center aisle of the sanctuary to take her watch to her, delivery boy style (including gratuitous ringing of the bell on my bike).

While I was putting my bike away, I missed the first act: a fifth grader playing Ode to Joy. On a penny whistle. With his nose. I could hear him out in the hall; he was actually pretty good.

The next act was one of the youth playing slap guitar, whatever that is. It sounded pretty awesome.

A little later the "house band" played. It is a four-piece combo that started at our church and actually plays some outside venues. They did a mix of original and cover songs. A very good country band.

Then... the highlight of the show for me. My son played a piece by Mozart... as Mozart.

A great-great-grandmother from the congregation did a poetry reading: She read the original 1885 poem Little Orphant Annie. It is a strange little poem, and she made it even stranger with her rendition (which was good).

The next combo could have been an act on A Prairie Home Companion. They were a quartet on violin, guitar and two recorders that played several European folk songs. Very sweet.

Next was one of the ladies from the church who played keyboards and sang. I think she was singing it straight up, but it came out very lounge-lizard style. My thought was.... Ew.

Mozart was not impressed.

But as we were leaving, several people complimented her on her performance, which, I guess, is why they call it a variety show... there's something for everyone.


PennyCandy said...

It takes a lot to impress Mozart.

Marrock said...

I always did like Mozart's music but I have to ask...

Isn't the term "good country band" just a bit oxymoronic?

Doohickie said...

Yes, usually it is, but these are good ol' boys. They play mostly mellow, traditional stuff.