Thursday, April 30, 2009

Unexpected Pleasure

I rode in this morning and it was really, really, really pleasant. With temps in the 60s, I wore shorts, a t-shirt and my reflective vest. The sprinkles from last night's rain hadn't quite stopped and the ground was wet with lots of puddles. Thank goodness for fenders.

The temperature was perfect, the mist only added to the enjoyment. It was a great commute.

One thing I like about cycle commuting is the positive reinforcement I get when I do a commute that stretches my personal envelope a little- riding in the rain, making really good time, whatever. It augments the physical high from the exercise and puts me in a better frame of mind.

Then after work today we had our company picnic. I rode the bike over to that, played a few games of volleyball (we were up 12-6 in the game that would have put us in the championship round but lost 15-13), then rode home at about 8 pm. It was a beautiful evening so I set out for the river trail.


Gawd I hate 'em.

It still didn't ruin my ride home as the sun went down. Gorgeous.


Steve A said...

This morning when my departure time came, it was coming down cats & dogs & polecats.

Yesterday was the unexpected pleasure for me - beating the odds & making it home despite the ever present threat of the oncoming storm. Sweet!

To put a twist on the old Clinton cliche, "I feel your pleasure!"

Steve A said...

Gnats, a little extra free protein! Just part of the ride this time of year, and a reminder to keep one's mouth closed...

Doohickie said...

I was seen by someone I know on the way home and she asked why I was grimacing. I told her about the gnats and she said, "Oh. Better you than me!"

Big Oak said...

What's bad is when you get the little beggars in the eyes.