Saturday, April 18, 2009


There's a joke that goes around among bicycle collectors: How many bikes do you need? The answer: N+1. In other words, one more than you've already got. This weekend I acquired N+1 and N+2, both for free.

The first is a 1981 Fuji Royale mixte. It is too small for me and I'll sell it after fixing it up, but it's a pretty good bike; it was 2nd highest in Fuji's hierarchy of "recreational" bikes that year. It was in a trash pile in front of someone's house. Yes.... I garbage-picked it.

The second is a keeper. It's an old "stovepipe" (~40 pounds!) Schwinn Varsity Sport, large frame. I took the dented hood from the car my son wrecked last month over to the city dump. They told me to put it "over there" which happened to be appliances and other stuff with lots of metal. At the back of the pile was the Varsity. I walked back over to the guy I had talked to and asked if I could take it. He said people aren't supposed to take stuff from the dump but because I asked no nice... sure!

Serial No. CJ526842 = March 1973 according to

Originally sold by Paramount Schwinn, Harvey, Illinois- a Chicago Schwinn from a Chicago area store!

Looks like everything is there, with some rust and a little cosmetic damage. I've never seen a Schwinn seat that old in condition that good.

That's two bikes in two days. Then again they seem to come in pairs for me.


HeidiTri's said...

Kev wants to know if your have one for each day of the week yet?

Doohickie said...

For bikes that I ride?


For bikes total?

Ermmm, well.... yes.

Rat Trap Press said...

You've got some good luck! BTW I saw a nice old Free Spirit at the little shop on College and Jefferson. They want $25 for it. Probably wouldn't be too difficult to clean up and flip.

Bone said...

Man, I miss those old 10 speed bikes with the drop handlebars and thin tires. Where did they go?

Doohickie said...

Here they are Bone. Especially this one and this one (both mine). And when I get the Varsity fixed up a bit I'll submit that one as well.

Thom said...

Man, mixtes are hot right now. Put some North Road or mustache bars on, and they'll be knocking down your door to buy this thing!