Friday, April 17, 2009


A lot of people have bike computers. I have one on my main commuter bike, but only because someone gave it to me. I use it mostly so I can see what time it is, and sometimes it's neat to see how fast I'm going. All those other things that people use bike computers for- miles ridden, cadence, average speed, heart rate- I don't need to know.

I don't worry about that stuff too much. The way I track things is how many days I commute. And even then, it's just a competition with myself. In February, the anniversary month of starting to ride to work, I had a good month in spite of the weather. I worked 19 days, cycling to work on 13 of them. March... not so much. I drove as often as I road (11 each).

Even though it's been stormy I can't complain so far this month- so far I've only driven to work 4 times and ridden 7.

I don't have the guts to sell my car and depend on my bike like some people do. I guess in that sense I'm a poseur. But I ride to work a lot more than anyone else I know.


Lynn said...

You're not a poseur in any sense! It's not all-or-nothing. As long as you're replacing a few car trips with bike rides, you're doing your part. As for car-free living, it's just not practical for every location. Cars do have a useful purpose in life, but people have just become over-dependent on them.

Doohickie said...

Agree with that.

At some point I'd like to get down to being a one-car family (my wife doesn't ride). Maybe in a few years.

ChipSeal said...

Say Paul, as someone who is car-free, I endorse and validate your decision to keep your car.
Being single, it is a lot easier for me in many ways than some one who has to be responsible for other family members.
I haven't explored your blog enough to know why you chose to commute and become car-lite. For me the switch was a combination of love of cycling and health issues, with a side of economic savings.
Do not apologize or take any grief for your transportation choices. The mix that is right for you is not right for someone else.
Thanks for a great blog, and thanks for visiting mine!
Tailwinds! ChipSeal