Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Paco and John's Mexican Diner

I'll take all the suspense out: I love this place. Paco & John's stands at 1116 8th Avenue just south of Rosedale.

The prices are reasonable and there are some items I've never seen before

The staff is friendly and made me feel at home... even though my waitress's English was not the best. They kept my coffee full and quickly made my breakfast.

On a lark I decided to order the Heuvos Divorciados ("divorced eggs"). I think the name comes from the fact that you get two eggs, one with red sauce and one with green sauce, each in its own bed (tortilla). But you get a lot more than that.

The different sauces had distinctly different flavors. I was a little iffy about this and wasn't sure I would like eggs like that, but they were delicious. Paco & John's does something magic: Their sauces are flavorful and spicy without being too hot or causing {ahem} bloating.

I've heard that they recently started serving duck enchiladas for lunch, and that they will soon be (or maybe already are) open for dinner. I can't speak to their lunch & dinner entrees (yet), but their breakfast is fabulous.

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