Sunday, June 18, 2006

Number one son

Well, Mrs. Doohickie is doing a little better; she's still on the muscle relaxants, but except for right after she takes one, she's doing pretty well. She has a course in teaching Advanced Placement this week, so hopefully she'll be able to hold it together for that.

I mentioned other happenings in the family... my older son didn't do so well after a year away from home at college. He was almost 900 miles away. The college didn't prove to be what he thought it would, and with the distance, well, he just didn't do so well. He's trying to figure out what comes next. The first step was to get a job. He started looking shortly after getting home from school, and it seemed like all his friends (who mostly got back a week after he did) landed jobs pretty quickly.

He finally landed a job at Cracker Barrel as a waiter. He started training last week, and starting tomorrow he'll be following someone around as he learns how to wait tables. A year ago I don't think he would have been crazy about the job, but he seems to be looking forward to it.

He started taking viola lessons again, from an instructor at a local college. If he wants to return to studying viola at some point, he needs to keep the lessons up. The plan is for him to take a few courses at community college in the fall, and decide on a four-year school after that. The school where he's taking the lessons is one possibility, so how he works there may influence his college plans.

It's been a period of adjustment. If you click some of the links in the previous post, I talked on MetaChat about how he kind of bombed at college. He had a nice scholarship, but that's gone now. He was a great student in high school, in the top 10% and all that, and we all just kind of assumed he'd skate through college as well. I guess he, and we, have had to recognize that you just can't skate through life and he's having to learn to work for what he gets. A good life lesson, I suppose, but as a parent it's hard to watch your kid stumble.

That gets us caught up on him, I suppose. I guess I'll have a post soon on my other son.

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