Saturday, July 26, 2008

First, the bad news

So I've been away on vacation the last couple weeks. We drove from Texas up to New York State, first to visit my wife's family, then to visit mine.

I'll talk about what we did in Albany later, but first, Buffalo. When we arrived from Albany, we found out that my grandmother, who just turned 90 in May, is no longer living with my mom they way she had for the last 8 years. While we were in Albany, Grandma was in the hospital and now is in a nursing home.

Grandma takes pain medication for her hip which is worn out. Apparently the pain had gotten worse and they switched her pain medication. With the switch came hallucinations which were severe enough to land her in the hospital. When we arrived in Buffalo, she was out of the hospital and in a nursing home.

My mom talks about when my Grandma will come home. She rearranged her bedroom to make it easier for her to get around. She talked about the physical therapy Grandma's going through that will allow her to maneuver better around the house.

Grandma even said that if she can recover, she'd like to make a trip down to Texas to visit us, and also take a trip to Florida to visit other grandchildren there.

I don't think she's coming home.

When she's doing well, Grandma is still herself. A little hard of hearing, a little confused at times, but she can hold a conversation and knows what's going on around her. Her mind is pretty much sound. Her body, sadly, is giving out.

When we left her the last time at the nursing home to drive back to Texas, we did the usual hug and kiss. As we separated, she pulled me back again for one more hug. There was an unspoken moment when our eyes met and she was saying, "Well this is it." I think the next time I go up to Buffalo will be for her funeral.

Then again, she's a tough old bird. She may see us all down here in Texas.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Almost there

Yep, still stuck in Orlan-D'oh! Tomorrow is the moment of truth. Our last test ends tomorrow (a Sunday). We have to go in and take some measurements and if all is well, we just need to finish our test report, submit it and we can GO HOME!


And then as soon as we go home, I go on vacation with my family. We're taking about two weeks off to drive up to upstate New York to visit my wife's family and then my family.

And.... if tomorrow goes well I can actually expect me job to be there for me when I get back. ;- )

Hey, I know.... people like pictures, right? Okay, here's a picture of my cell... uh, I mean room:

See the lamp in front of the window? There's no bulb in it, and nowhere to plug it in. But it looks good. I guess.

And here's the view from the window. See that little row of buildings out on the horizon? That's downtown Orlan-D'oh!

Those are the same clouds that roll in every day at about 5:00. Then it rains. And then it stops. So it goes in Floriduh.