Saturday, September 27, 2008

Habitat for Humanity Build

So today I participated in a build for Habitat for Humanity. The build was less than 7 miles from my home so I rode my bicycle over there. Here are a few pictures from the build.

My bike parked out in front of the work site

Busy little worker bees

Gotta make sure we don't get dehydrated

Me, in front of the house

The house at the end of the day

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another visit to Floriduh

Once again, I'm stuck in Floriduh on a business trip. Once again we had a test failure which is extending my trip. This time, though, I realized my aunt and uncle live in Florida and decided to give them a call.

So today I drove the hour and a half from Orlando to Avon Park to visit Uncle Richie and Aunt Mickie. They moved to Florida a few years back and actually own two mobile homes in a little neighborhood of them. So I drove through the orange groves and pulled into their neighborhood nestled next to a lake. The homes are older, but well taken care of.

I pulled up to their home,

Stepped into the front patio,

And turned around to check out the view of the lake.

Aunt Mickie was quick to offer me a beer.

And Uncle Richie was already watching the Buffalo Bills game. (Through a happy coincidence, Buffalo was playing Jacksonville, so the game was on local TV and we could watch our beloved Bills.)

Here is Uncle Richie toasting a Bills touchdown!

Uncle Richie took me out in the yard and gave me a tour of his garden. The oranges are growing in bunches.

And he's got some pineapple plants going. These were started from pineapple tops from fruit bought at the grocery store.

All in all, it was a good day. The Bills won. I got some great home cooking. I got a chance to do some laundry. And I also got invited back to stay with them for vacation when I have more time to hang around.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Taking Pictures in the Dark

After the hubbub of the graduation party settled down, we went back to Shay's house and hung out with her family. It was a nice relaxing evening and I didn't even think about getting the camera out until the end of the night when we toasted marshmallows. Bookmark these pics and come back to them in six months when you're freezing your butts off, and remember how nice summertime can be!


I set up a blog for Mrs. Doohickie. She wanted a blog so she could post on other people's blogs without being totally anonymous.

She says she won't post because she doesn't have anything interesting to post, but she's WAY more interesting than I am! ;- ) You can read her blog at PennyCandy. Go on over right now and say hi!

Monday, September 01, 2008

So would this be good to do with my new bike?

Just wonderin'.

Thanks to Fritz