Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Looking up

Fingers crossed, toes crossed, eyes crossed, everything crossed!

Mrs. Doohickie is taking a course on teaching Advanced Placement courses over the summer, and mentioned to one of the other teachers that she's trying to find a new position. So, last night, the principal from that school called and wanted to set up an interview!

Mrs. D went to the interview this afternoon after the course let out and things went really well. She said it went much better than the previous interview she had when thought she would get an offer but didn't. It's at a high school about fifteen miles from home, and she and the principal really hit it off. The principal said she'd be calling references and letting Mrs. D know by the end of the week. So keep your fingers crossed!

Then..... went she got home, there was a message from a new charter school she had applied to. The downside is that it only goes up to 8th grade and she wants to teach high school. the upside is that it's only a couple miles from home. She has an interview set up for Monday, so hopefully she'll know whether the high school has made an offer or not by then.

After a terribel week last week, things are definitely looking up!

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