Thursday, June 22, 2006

More drama!

Why am I obsessing over the wife's job you may ask? Because there are so many twists and turns- it's like a roller coaster.

State law says a teacher has to resign 45 days before the start of instruction. The charter school my wife had been working for always aligned its schedule with the local city school district schedule, so by that she should have by the end of June to resign. If she resigns after that, the state can suspend her teaching credentials for a year. She got a letter today "confirming" her employment by which she thinks they are trying to imply that she is already under contract (i.e., within the 45 day window). We looked at the calendar, and unless the current school moved it's start of classes up by more than a week, she can still resign.

I hope she can, because the good news is: She got an offer today! w00t! The principal of the city school district extended an offer to her for a social studies position; exact grade and course to be taught is TBD since there may still be some openings that pop up (after all, teachers have until the end of June to resign).

We're hoping the old school doesn't try to say her resignation is too late by moving up their start of classes or something. (If this is the case, they haven't notified Mrs. Doohickie.) She will be calling them tomorrow and let them know she is resigning, and will also be sending a formal letter. If the school gives her a hard time, she will be reporting them to the state, since they don't have a foreign language program, no physical education or athletics, no counselors, and actually, almost no teachers right now. (When the sh!t hit the fan at the end of the school year, most went out and found other jobs; there are only a couple left.)

Why do these things always have happen with so much drama?

Oh... to top it all off, my son got a ticket today for expired registration.... my fault, actually, since he was away at college when it expired, and I forgot to take care of it since no one was driving the car regularly. Damn.

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