Friday, June 16, 2006

It's a family thing...

I've been finding myself getting wrapped up lately in the family dramas. For those who haven't been aware, I started this blog partly because I didn't want to turn MetaChat into my personal web journal with stories of what's going on in my family.

Well, this was quite a week for Mrs. Doohickie.

She started out on a high note on Tuesday, with a great job interview at a high school that she left feeling very confident. They said they'd be calling the candidates back later in the week for second interviews (since the department head wasn't there).

Wednesday went downhill a bit; she answered her jury duty summons. The way it's set up, you park at a baseball field a mile or two away, then they bus you over to the courthouse. She was told at 10 am to go to lunch and return at 1:30 for a possible afternoon assignment. So she had several hours to wander around downtown. It was a level Orange smog day, and she started getting a tingling in her right arm. She called the doctor who made an appointment for Thursday afternoon and gave her the instructions that if the pain got worse or went to the left arm, to go to the Emergency Room.

Wednesday night, well, you guessed it, tingling in both arms, shortness of breath, time for the hospital. We ended up there until two in the morning and they told her she had a pinched nerve in her arm and because she has fibromyalgia, the irritation spread, and the fact that there was a lot of ozone in the air only made it worse because it affected her breathing.

Because of the shot they gave her for pain, she slept most of Thursday. She's still not feeling well, but followed up on her job leads. The interview from Tuesday- they hired someone else. She started checking all her other irons in the fire and they all seem to have gone cold. So she started to wonder what's going on, and discovered that even though she is History and Social Studies certified, her certs only showed the History because she apparently didn't register her Social Studies certs properly when she passed the test back in April.

Not sure if this is what's going on, but she's convinced that principals are looking up her certs, seeing the Social Studies isn't there, and assuming she's been lying on her resume. Between this, and the fact that her muscle relaxant is taking a lot out of her, she's just kind of irritable as all get-out.

From someone on the outside looking in, I think that even if the cert thing cost her the job from the interview this week, this is something she's taken care of and things will sort themselves out. But she's feeling the pressure. She wants a good teaching assignment come fall, and she's convinced she won't be getting one at this point. I guess I gotta get her through the weekend and hopefully by Monday things will look brighter. Wish me (and moreso, her) luck.

I have more family stuff to talk about, but this turned out longer than I intended so I'll save the rest for later. Hopefully things will pick up soon and I'll be a happy bunny soon.

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