Saturday, May 07, 2011

Fort Worth Mayfest

Each year Fort Worth picks a weekend to have a party in Trinity Park and call it Mayfest. I rode to work Friday and then rode directly to Mayfest. I felt a little funny leaving my bike with loaded panniers, but no one messed with it.

This festival focuses on youth activities- dance studios and such. It gives them a chance to show the public what they do.



This was a gymnastics trampoline demo by a professional group

Plenty of stuff for kids to do

And there was classic midway fare

I like their slogans:

The reason I went, though, was to see a band called Fish Fry Bingo play. I know one or two of the guys in the band, and they have fun with their music. I would describe their style as Urban Bluegrass. They do bluegrass, bluegrass interpretations of classic rock songs, and something called "hill-hop" (hillbilly hip-hop). It's amazing what kind of sounds you can get by scratching a washboard and amplifying it through a wa-wa pedal. Here's their interpretation of the Rolling Stones' "Honky Tonk Woman":

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