Thursday, March 05, 2009


So the other night, Mrs. Doohickie went downtown after work to meet with a bunch of teachers from her school. She didn't want to go by herself, so she asked me to drive with her. Because it was a girls night out, though, once we got down there I had to fend for myself. This isn't a problem in downtown Fort Worth because there are a lot of decent night spots.

I wandered the downtown district on foot. It's been a while since I've done that; usually I'm in a car or on my bike. It was kind of a luxury strolling down the sidewalk without having to worry about traffic except at intersections. As I crossed Main Street, a flash of motion caught my eye.

Two hipsters on fixed gear bikes when flying by. A fixie has the sprocket on the rear wheel attached solid, so it can't coast. If the rear wheel is spinning, so are the pedals.

They darted in and out of traffic in the way I, as a "responsible" cyclist, abhor. I looked at them in disgust and considered yelling some slur about their disregard for traffic law.

Gawd, I would have loved to be riding alongside them.


Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Those lads are a different breed, and their bikes unforgiving should you not learn to master the fixed wheel. Craze? Fad? I'm not sure. Some say, "oh yeah a great training tool," but I have yet to be out riding and encounter a cat on a fix. I was borrowed one and rode around the hood--it was different and I'm not sure I've the nerve. I wanted to make my Marathon a fixed wheel--but to tumble from that bike would be serious--as you know, it's a 69 cm frame--or put simply, probably one of the largest tallest frames I'm ever seen. I can barely ride it myself.

Riding a fixed wheel/fixed gear what ever you want to call it, would be like me, at my age, trying to go out and be a skateboarder--let the young guys do cause they got no fear.

I fear a broken collar bone, wrist, and who knows what else. Still--man wouldn't it be cool!

Cheers! Bruce

ubrayj02 said...

Ditto the above. I'm not good enough at riding a bike to ride a fixie, esp. the way I see dudes in Downtown LA riding.

twister said...

No coasting? That is one of the delights of riding a bike, if you ask me. When the weather's pleasant, and you feel good, coasting along can be almost magical.