Monday, March 23, 2009

The City Cyclist

During my Friday ramblings on my Raleigh DL-1 Tourist, my last stop was at my favorite LBS (local bike shop), the City Cyclist. They have been more than helpful to me and I highly recommend them, even though I have yet to buy a bike from them.

They recently moved into a larger shop.

Even though they're in a bigger space, they did a great job of keeping the intimate feel of their smaller digs. The shop is run by Debbie (shown with hubby Larry),

Mike (who's at good at making coffee as he is at fixing bikes),

And T-Ann.

How many bike shops do you know that have a nice "living room"...

...with a view of their bike repair area?

The City Cyclist does a great job of putting out a quality line of bikes at reasonable prices. If you're a bike snob, you might not find the brands you're looking for. But if you want to get a good deal on a solid bike, this place offers some great choices. They also have a bigger selection of recumbent bikes than any store I know of around here.

They also have a good selection of accessories, especially the kind that bicycle commuters need to make their bikes comfortable, safe, and able to haul what you need to and from the office. Since they've moved into the bigger store, their selection has grown and they now offer a good selection of bicycle clothing as well.

These last two pics are from the day of the Grand Re-Opening. They give you a feel for the rest of the store.

When I was there last Friday, my two bicycling worlds converged. Into the City Cyclist walked a gentleman with a bike he wanted them to look at and get running. It was a beautiful vintage Schwinn, a 1978 Continental II. Basically, it just needed a spoke replaced, the rims trued, and the drivetrain cleaned. The owner said he had it in his garage for 30 years. The paint on the bike was pretty much perfect.

Mike and the bike's owner give it a good examination.

Next time you're cruising on McCart Avenue in Fort Worth, look for City Cyclist.


tdashann said...

Hey Paul, great spread on City Cyclist! Thanks for the coverage on our cozy little shop! T-Ann

Charlie said...

Great bike shop -- I wish we had something similar in my town, Pasco, WA. I'll need to get my 10 yr old mt bike tuned up for neighborhood riding when I get back home.

HeidiTri's said...

I need a "City Cyclist" near me! I need a decent road bike, pre-owned. But can't begin to figure out what's a good deal. Help me Doohickie! Come to NY!