Friday, February 13, 2009

Parade of Bikes

This morning I welcomed a new member to the ranks of cycle commuting. A buyer in our office said she'd like to try riding her bike in but was hesitant to ride by herself. So this morning I rode 6 miles over to her house, then we rode the remaining 4 miles to the office together.

One of the managers that rides said he'd like to join us, but he called and said he was running late, so we left the buyer's house and set out. About a mile from the office, the manager caught up to us and the three of us rode in together. Add to that the guy who drove a Prius into work and that makes about 10% of our office green commuters. ;- )


popeye cahn said...

A big thumbsup!

Six said...

The power of setting the good example!