Wednesday, February 11, 2009

One Year as a Bicycle Commuter

One year ago today, I climbed on my bike and rode to work for the first time in over 20 years. It was a start. At first it was just a diversion- something to do once or twice a week.

It's become a primary mode of transportation. That said, I celebrated my first anniversary as a cycle commuter by.... driving into work. I haven't ridden yet this week, although I plan to break that streak tomorrow.

Friday, assuming decent weather, will be kind of neat. I plan to meet a coworker at her home then ride in with her. It'll be her first time riding to work.


HeidiTri's said...

Congrats on your anniversary!

floppy foot said...

The only thing better than riding to work is riding with someone else to work. Great job. I ride to work for a good portion of the year. I haven't been doing it for the last few months because it has been so incredibly windy!!! I can handle almost any kind of weather on my bike but the wind just gets me. It gets so dangerous when it pushes you out into traffic. I have to change my clothes a total of 4 times during the day because I work in two different locations so I use an Ortleib(sp) waterproof backpack. It's amazing. You guys are all making me feel guilty and I really need to get back into my commute routine. :-)

Doohickie said...

Yeah, wind sucks.

Rat Trap Press said...

Congrats on the 1 year mark!

Six said...

Let my add my conga rats on your anniversary. It's a great milestone.