Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hello all!

Being that Doohickie invited me to be a contributor recently and that I'm not riding and just being lazy today, I thought I'd introduce myself and do a little contributin'.

My name is Dave, and some days you can find plying a white LeMond around San Diego looking moderately freddish but wheeling at a decent clip. I am at the moment an occasional interloper on the commuting trail, mostly I spend my lunchtimes and weekends riding for exercise as I find it is the most challenging, rewarding and fun way to get it. We have a gym at work but the thought of droning on a stationary bike makes me nauseous. I'll do it in a pinch (rain...) but I'd rather be in the world and negotiating the vagaries of the asphalt to be sure.

My commute is 13 some odd miles there and 15 back, it's full of decent hills, car doors and highway interchanges oh and crappy asphalt. But I'm lucky that the temps here don't ever get much below 40Âș and rain is not usually in the forecast (except of late...), I will give you a taste of it in another post ala Doohickie's photo commuting idea.

I started up riding again seriously after 7 years of not riding much at all. I have a cruiser but I needed to really get into things so I bought a Kona Paddy Wagon as a reintroduction. I was reintroduced alright! One gear and before long I'd try anything. It was a real challenge at first, but now what was difficult at best is gravy. Consistency is the most important part of gaining ability and strength on a bike and the only way to consistency is to dedicate yourself to the objective.

So dedicate I did and jumped in head first doing what I could to keep a pretty consistent and realistic schedule of biking and also learned what I could by reading and then trying things out.

Now I need to get out of this funk and get back in the saddle!


Doohickie said...

Welcome aboard!

Big Oak said...

Keep up the good work! I started riding again a couple years ago after a 10 year hiatus. And while I am struggling right now with riding in cold, snowy, windy weather (NE Indiana), I always feel really good after I get 1/4 mile from home. Good Luck!

Six said...

Looking forward to hearing from you Popeye. Keep Doohickie in line.