Saturday, February 14, 2009

Coffee Ride

A fellow Fort Worth bicycle blogger goes on a quest for coffee, taking several pictures along the way that show off the city well. Click on the link above to see all his pics and his description of the ride.

Fort Worth, which when I last heard was the 19th largest city in the U.S., is surprisingly bicycle friendly. But in a subdued way. There are some bike lanes and bike routes marked, and they're starting to use sharrows more, and of course there are the Trinity River Trails, but what really makes Fort Worth bike friendly in my mind is that for a big city Fort Worth is pretty laid back.

In my experience, drivers give me, as a cyclist, a lot of room. I like to think it's because I try to make myself highly visible and try to behave predictably.


Steve A said...

The Starbucks from which the photo was taken is pretty sweet for a cyclist looking for a morning Joe in the sun. It's right across from Sundance Square and conveniently has a bicycle hitching post outside, which the bike is locked up to. I've been there many times - it's an easy swing from Colleyville after a hop on the TRE coming in from Hurst.

A couple of things for the City Fathers - put those Star Circles a little lower - you'll note that it's rather high for a U lock. Also, actually that's about the only thing...

Rat Trap Press said...

Thanks for posting the link Doohickie.

I agree with Steve A, those star circles are a little high but they look nice.