Saturday, January 24, 2009

Review of the Bike Burrito

So around the beginning of December of last year I was looking for a classier alternative to a normal seat bag and while searching the internet I found the bike burrito. I first saw the burrito on the Epicurean Cyclist blog and almost immediately fell in love with the design. It seemed like a good deal, being hand made in the USA--simple yet elegant, and it also seemed to meet my needs, so I figured I would give it a try.

I recently bought a new Brooks B17 for my commuter and knew that the burrito would go so nicely with it. Once I went through the simple process of customizing my burrito, it was merely a week and a half and it was here. FYI the burritos are customizable to look how you want, they have a selection of fabrics you can choose from and you tell them what you want the shell fabric to be, and what you want the liner to be. For the outer shell I personally picked the brown and orange plaid, and a plain black for the inner fabric.

The burritos come in three sizes, basically small, medium, or large. I ordered the Grande, which is said to be good for touring. All burritos come with one strap, either white or black leather, or black nylon for those vegan cyclists out there. Also all burritos come with a strap that serves the purpose of placing your rear blinky on.

Here are a few pics of my burrito taken as I opened the envelope:
They actually come wrapped like a burrito you would get at a stand! Even with their own side of Tabasco sauce.

I decided to get two straps rather than one so that I could loop it through my Brooks. Though the designated one strap will work perfectly fine for those commuters without a Brooks saddle.

I have jammed mine with all the necessary tools to make it through any commute, or long ride that I will ever take. One spare tube, one sandwich baggy full of heavy duty rubber bands and zip ties, one patch kit (the non glue type), one pressure gauge, three tire levers, one park tool multi-tool, 3 wrenches 8mm/10mm/14mm, two medium sized bungee chords, and some spare cash.

Once rolled back up it looks very nice on the bike. I have taken four rides since it came and it isn't going anywhere. The leather straps have a death grip once tightened properly.

A view from behind, just so you can have another view of how it is rolled up and on the bike.

It has been over a month and a half since I ordered and received my Bike Burrito, and I have had plenty of time to test it out. After about two weeks I had to replace the leather straps, after losing the burrito when rolling over harsh bumps in the road. I ordered two acorn bags leather straps and it solved the problem for me. Otherwise I have only changed one thing, I swapped out the tube for a Nashbar tool kit that I got for Christmas(Review of Tool kit soon!). I then added a small seat bag behind the burrito to hold two tubes.

All in all I am very happy with the Bike Burrito; it is very well constructed, and after the new straps it serves my every need. I highly recommend this bag to any commuter or even tourer.

You can check them out and order one of your own from their website:

Bike Burrito

Check em out!

P.S. Buying a Bike Burrito will stimulate the failing economy!

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