Saturday, October 25, 2008

More Summer Memories

After getting back to Lake George Village after kayaking, we decided to "invade" colonial-era Fort William Henry.

The tour is worth it. They guys who conduct it are in period dress and adopt, to some extent, the British accents. They also inject enough humor in their presentation (including Montey Python references) to keep things interesting.

There were some great views from the fort...

...including this strange one of a canon aimed at one of the steamboats, with a para-sail in the background.

Back to the tour: They showed how bullets were made way back when.

They also demonstrated how to shoot the gun, and the canon.

They also "recruited" some of the younger kids in the crowd and taught them some basic drill.

After the tour was done, we were able to explore the inside of the fort at our leisure.

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