Sunday, August 31, 2008

I haz a BICYCLE!

As mentioned in the past, I've been getting into this bicycle commuting thing. Also mentioned in a previous post was the spill I took when I was just starting out. My beloved 24-year-old Nishiki Olympic 12 has never been the same.

I know Nishiki is just another brand, but I've had this bike so long, I've kind of developed a fondness for Nishiki bicycles. Sadly, they stopped producing them in 2001.

However, my friend that owns a bike shop let me know of a mutual friend that mentioned she had a bike for sale. I check it out today; it turned out to be a Nishiki XRS Sport Hybrid.

And it gets better: It is brand new! It still had the price tag and the little tire nubbies! She wanted $100 for it, and I handed it over quickly (original price tag was $379).

She said when her daughter-in-law's father died, they found the bike in his garage. Apparently he was the type that picked up a bargain when he found one, whether he needed the item or not. This particular bike had been marked down to $240. So he bought it and apparently never rode it.

Thank you, sir. I will treat your bike well.


Anonymous said...

Damn nice bike for a $100...I'd bring that one inside the house

Doohickie said...

It's sitting in my family room. ;- )

HeidiTri's said...

Oooh! She's pretty! Does she have a name yet? Does she have a brother who might also be looking for a new home?

Doohickie said...

My old Nishiki that I had for 24 years didn't have a name. You want me to name this one? Phah!

This one had an "older brother"- there was also a 3-speed Raleigh that's probably 50 years old that came from the same place. Are you interested in a restoration bike? I could pick it up for you.

HeidiTri's said...

I'll pass on the 3 speed. Thanks anyway. The object is to be able to go FASTER!!

I'm glad you got a new bike. Are youcommuting in today?