Sunday, August 24, 2008

Another driver on the road

Someday I'll go back and post some of the pics from the vacation we took in July. Until then, you'll have to just read what's going on now. Our youngest son got his license a couple weeks ago and we picked up another car so he has one to drive. We got a Mercury Tracer which is pretty much a Ford Escort with power windows. For a ten year old car it has low miles- only 85,000.

On another front, a new school year starts tomorrow for Mrs. Doohickie. She's pretty geeked up about it. For our son, the school year starts on Tuesday (different school district). He's a senior, so after this we won't have any little Doohickies in the public school system.


jkirlin said...

Looking at aother school year here, too. It's going to shock my system I think.

But not as much as it will my sister, who like you next year, has all her kids out of school. She'll be wandering around the house aimlessly for months!

Doohickie said...

...and enjoying it. ;)

Felicia said...

Well, at least since Colin has to wear uniforms to school now, he has his own car he can "personalize"! Tell him congrats!

HeidiTri's said...

Wow! Colin is driving and has a car! Hard to believe it was only 2 years ago that he was dancing around my living room with a Boppy pillow on his head, singing silly songs!

My God Son is growing up fast!