Thursday, August 28, 2008

Graduation Party!!!

So the reason we had to be up to New York by Sunday is that Mrs. Doohickie's niece, Shay, had her graduation party that day. She moved it to that date so we could be there.

Here's Shay in the middle of it all. I told her I'd have to retake the picture because she had "something on her shoulder."

It was a good turnout. And perfect weather too. It's a good thing they got tents though; the shade was welcome.

Here's Shay's dad manning the grill and fending off the hungry wolves:

Lots of fun in the sun too, for kids of all ages:

Shay and her cousin Cove:

Various relatives catching up on things. That's Mrs. Doohickie in front in the white shirt, talking to Uncle Herb and Aunt Liz. If you've been following my blog a while, you've met Uncle Herb before.

And now Uncle Derrick performs the ceremonial dunking of the new grad:

At the end of the night we took some family pics. That's me in front wearing the plaid shirt.

A pic of Mrs. Doohickie (white shirt, standing), along with her brother and sister (who is Shay's mom) and mom and dad.

All the grandkids.

The older grandkids- my two sons and Shay.


HeidiTri's said...

Awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing.

KJ said...

This was a great write up. Thanks for putting these pics up it was nice to see since I missed it.

Doohickie said...

You're welcome! Stay tuned for more vacation pix.