Thursday, February 14, 2008

The ups and downs of bicycle commuting

(or, taking it on the chin!)

I had my first mishap with my bicycle commute today (didn't take long, did it?) On my second attempt at riding my bike to work, I hit a hole that I didn't see and flew over the handle bars ZOMFG!

The damages: My helmet did its job and my skull is intact. My chin hit too though:

leaving my jaw swollen and giving me a temporary underbite this morning. It's better now, just a little sore. I also scraped my right wrist:

So far, that doesn't hurt too much. I also bumped my left knee and left pinky finger; they're sore but they'll be okay.

My bike..... well, I bent the fork:

I need to figure out what it's gonna take to fix it (possibly repairable or else a new fork).

Being healthy hurts!

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