Friday, May 23, 2008

Nuthin special

Nothing much going on, just normal things in a life.

They have a recreation club where I work and I think I'm gonna sign my older son up for some photography classes; he's interested in that kind of stuff. It can be part of his birthday present.

My younger son had a piano recital tonight. There was some really great music played. Unfortunately, each student seemed to be challenged to their limit. I enjoyed it; there's a certain energy in the music when the performer is right on the edge. I think when my son graduates high school next year I may start piano lessons myself.

Tomorrow, he and I will go to the Men's Breakfast from our church, then we'll sign him up for Driver's Ed. He's almost 18 and has been driving for a while, but I just don't feel like I've been a very good teacher, so I'm going to turn it over to a professional.

Since he's going to be driving soon, we may buy another car. If we buy something new, my wife's Taurus with almost 100,000 miles can go to the boys and we'll have enough cars to go around. I test drove a Ford Fusion this afternoon and all I can say is that it is a sweet, sweet ride; I hope my wife agrees and we get one. Of course I'm more eager to get the new car than she is, so it remains to be seen how quickly we end up buying something.


James Dunn said...

Sounds like a special day on this end. I think it doesn't seem as interesting when you're living it but I really enjoy reading about the small day to day happenings in your blog. It's the small details that make it a nice read =)

James Dunn said...

And I say small because it's a summary of the entire day lol. not denoting insignificance

Anonymous said...

I won't buy a new car ever again now that I have bought one from
Carmaxx. You can get a car with about 5 or 10 thousand miles on it and save about 5 grand off the price. They don't sell junk so you get a car with value. going to a dealer for a brand new one is too
pricey. just my 2 cents