Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I had to wear a suit today :)

There's another reason I wore a suit today: My son is in the choir at his high school and they had the choir banquet tonight. So after the funeral, I came home, picked up my son and my wife, and we went out to a very posh country club (one of the choir parents is a member there) and enjoyed some great food, great (or at least very good) singing, and a few laughs. The parents aren't in on all the jokes, but some things are funny even if you don't know the personalities involved.

I got to meet the apple of my son's eye. My son's a junior, she's a freshman. She's a very sweet, stunningly beautiful girl. He hasn't asked her out because her parents, Afghani immigrants, think that she is too young to date, especially a boy that's two years older than she is. But he tries to spend time with her when he can, even if it's not a date situation.

Anyway, we just got home from that. My mood is lighter than it was after the funeral.


Lori said...

It's nice that you and your son talk about romantic interests. You seem like a really good father, doohickie. Glad your suit could be used for a happy occasion.

James Dunn said...

Glad to hear your mood was lightened by this fun time spent with your family =)