Monday, May 19, 2008

99 is so fine!

So I rode my bicycle to work today. I checked the weather and this was supposed to be the coolest day of the week- with a predicted high of 94 degrees. The ride in was very pleasant. I rode in in shorts and a t-shirt and barely broke a sweat with the sub-70-degree temps and low humidity.

Once I got into work though, I noticed that the temp was creeping up higher than predictions. By lunchtime it was 97; by quitting time it was 99! I considered calling home and getting someone to drive out to pick me up. Instead I decided to stay a little later and let the sun sink a bit, and try a different route that includes more shade. Before leaving I downed about two quarts of water.

It turned out to be a non-event. The shadier ride is a little longer (nine and a half miles instead of seven and a half), but the hills are more manageable- longer and easier to climb.

So now I guess maybe I won't have to fear those 100 degree days that are right around the corner.

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James Dunn said...

Harsh! He must have slammed so hard for it to feel like a car! I wish I could say that I wear a helmet skating but i don't. but then again i don't skate in the street around cars ;-) thx again for the fav. i have no idea how to do stuff like that yet or anything besides posting on this site lol.