Saturday, May 24, 2008

My car- I ownz it!

So this afternoon I went to the credit union and made the last payment on my wife's car, an 03 Ford Taurus. It took 5 years and 97,850 miles, but we finally got that puppy paid off. The cool thing is that the car still looks and runs like brand-new.



Fritz said...

I know what you mean nice to see that thing payed off. I've got 2003 Chevy malibu I bought from Carmaxx that is done payed for. I will drive that thing to the day it dies and get my every dollar outta it.

James Dunn said...

I thought it was brand new at first. You keep super good care of your car and thats gotta be such a good feeling to have that thing paid off. And thx for the comment you left =)

jkirlin said...

Mine was paid off for a month and then I traded it in. I'm such a dope. :) Congrats though. What a great feeling!