Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Nice Story of Cycling and Dogs

Usually when I see a dog while riding my bike, I prepare for battle. Too many dogs really love the thrill of the chase.

Tonight, though, I had a different kind of dog experience during an evening ride. The sun was going down but it was still light out. I was riding in the neighborhood across from Hulen Mall, just getting a short ride in since I haven't ridden to work all week. Just ten or twelve miles on the single speed, nothing too strenuous. A Land Rover pulled up beside me and paced me. He rolled his window down and asked whether I had seen a small, black dog. "Nope, sorry." He rolled up his window and trundled slowly on, turning right at the next intersection.

About a minute later.... there she was, a little black schnauzer who appeared to be disoriented. I tried to call her over but to no avail. I wasn't sure how to find Land Rover guy anyway. So I decided to start cris-crossing the neighborhood, looking for the Land Rover. No dice. I did, however, spot a Mazda driving very slowly with the windows down. I asked if she was looking for the little black dog and she replied, "Yes!" I told her where I'd seen the dog and she drove off. I decided to follow her; I'm not sure why.

She spotted the dog and pulled over and called for the dog. The poor thing knew she'd done something she wasn't supposed to do, and seemed hesitant to go to its owner. I got off my bike, crouched down and called the dog. She very hesitantly but steadily came toward me and and let me pick her up. I handed her over to her master and then she started wagging her tail.

See? Dogs and cyclists can get along after all!


Steve A said...

I think it is just part of taking care of one's motorists! A little beyond the routine care, admittedly, but it still fosters good will. Not to mention the little dog is home and snug.

ChipSeal said...

Great story!

HeidiTri's said...

Great story! Lucky the boys weren't with you, or they would have tried to convince you to keep it :)

Pondero said...

Out here on the prairie, my experience has been that the vast majority of dogs are out more for sport than for battle. There have been a few moments when I've been rather concerned, but so far they've turned out okay. Most of the scary moments are not hostility, but the border collies that want to "herd" me somewhere and get closer to the front wheel than is comfortable.

Perhaps the little black dog in your story was out for a little exploration. I can certainly understand that urge.