Sunday, May 09, 2010

Learning How To Commute

Trinity Bicycles organized a group ride this past Saturday. They didn't go to an event or a restaurant (well, not exactly anyway). They went to the grocery store, namely Central Market on Fort Worth's west side. The point of the ride was to show people how to get to a destination that is in what most people would consider a high traffic area. Central Market is at I-30 and Hulen Street, one of the busiest streets in Fort Worth. In planning the trip, they used one of my common strategies: Rather than riding along the busy streets, they rode through neighborhood streets with far less traffic. Here are some pictures of the ride, which had a pretty good turnout.

Main Street on the south side is not too busy on a Saturday

A little passenger

See the flag? Trinity Bicycles is across the street from ABC Flag Manufacturing Company so you can find it by going to the big flag

Waiting to cross University Drive at a traffic light

Getting ready to go as the light changes

Unfortunately, we were delayed by a bicycle with a broken spoke.

Advantage of traveling with bike mechanics: Instant repairs on the road

Waiting for the repair to be complete

I had somewhere else to be, so I had to break off from the group and ride home. I believe the total route looked something like this. Note that it winds around a bit, but it misses the heaviest traffic areas.

View Larger Map

Kudos to Trinity Bicycles for organizing the ride, and teaching people how to use their bikes as practical transportation. Myles posted more pictures of the ride over at Rat Trap Press.


Steve A said...

Any utility aspect to the ride escaped me - until I read your post. Thanks!

Rollz said...

I wish a bike shop in my neighborhood would take a proactive approach and organize something like this. I believe more people would cycle if they would get over that hump of the first few rides and see how easy it really is. Doohickie you should spend the extra five bucks and get the helmet with a nose ;-)

RANTWICK said...

Nose helmet! Yah! I agree with Rollz... group rides are almost always about a big long recreational/sport ride rather than commute stuff. I think. Never been on one.