Saturday, April 26, 2008

Renaissance Faire

So my younger son wanted to go to Scarborough Renaissance Festival with some of his friends and asked if we could drive. Once we got there, my son and his friends ran off and it was just Mrs. Doohickie and I, and a chance to enjoy the faire.

I like going to the faire. You see a different slice of life there. For instance I kind of like the costumes the people wear...

Hello up there!

Some lovely ladies

A very distinguished couple

Queen Elizabeth herself!

Also, you get to see how people did things back then...

The glassblower:

The blacksmith:

The harp player:

You get to see where the fairies bought their chili peppers:

Wait a minute... Fairies? Chili peppers? Okay, so they're not historically accurate all the time.

It's a great place to people-watch though.

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jkirlin said...

Oh man..I would LOVE to shoot a Ren Faire. Nicely done! Thanks for posting these.