Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Buffalo & Erie County Botanical Gardens

While we were Buffalo on vacation, we went with my mother to the Buffalo & Erie County Botanical Gardens. The gardens are unique in that most of their collection of plants is indoors to keep harsh Buffalo winters from killing the many tropical plants they have.

The building is unique from what I learned at their website. The tri-domed glass, wood and steel building designed by the premier conservatory designers of the time: Lord & Burnham, Co. from New York's Hudson Valley and completed in 1899. Today there are fewer than a dozen large Victorian conservatories in America and this is one of two with the tri-dome design. (The other is the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx.)

I know very little about plants, but there were lots of beatiful ones there.

I bet these are the only bananas growing in Buffalo.

I liked the indoor waterfall in the tropical section.

They had sections for everything from extremely humid, extremely dry.

I wonder why they call this a bunny ears cactus...

Self-portrait in a mirror:

My mom and my wife:

Playing checkers with my son:

A cute little statue, through an arch of ivy.

The central dome from below.

There were dramatic views of the domes from the perennial garden outside.

The Our Lady of Victory Basilica was just a short distance away. It's also well worth a tour, but we didn't have time for it this time around.

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Chandra said...

Glad your vacation is going well. The photos are very nice.
Have a great rest of the vacation!

Peace :)