Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why is This Guy Grinning?

Maybe it's because he loves riding his bike

Old Schwinn, customized, personalized, outfitted, rack, generator light

Time to look at bike commuting styles again. There were a lot of different kind of rigs at Ride Your Bike to Work Day on Friday. I thought I would post a few of along with my thoughts.

Classic Cannondale, rides in work clothes, probably a short commute

Folding Bike, compact, he said he rides the train down to Austin and takes the bike with him

Rugged, utiliarian, urban

Another old bike, looks like someone pulled it out of dumpster, kind of pretty though..... this one's mine!


Rat Trap Press said...

Good post.

I've seen that guy on the folding bike on the road before. Maybe it was at the bike plan meeting.

Doohickie said...

I'm not surprised. I think the community of regular cyclists in Fort Worth is rather small, numbering in the hundreds. Sooner or later we will all know each other.

Steve A said...

I think Doohickie vastly underestimates the numbers. Fort Worth is a big place. At my workplace alone - way out at Alliance Airport, there are four fairly regular commuters. One of them, I only know as "Fuji Boy." I've also seen a couple others that at least occasionally commute to other Alliance workplaces.

In my humble opinion, it's MUCH tougher commuting to Alliance than downtown, so if there're a half dozen there, there are THOUSANDS scattered about Fort Worth nooks & crannies.

Besides, I think neither you nor Rat Trap Press are likely to see me (to take one purely random example) unless you happened by the Sundance Starbucks on a Saturday such as this one, and even then, only if you knew I'd take the first TRE train...

Beany said...

I wish San Diego had bike cops...it would help.

ChipSeal said...

Good post, Doohickie! I laughed out loud with caption you gave to your bike!


Doohickie said...

It's all true though... it did come out of a dumpster!

Steve A said...

Braggart. I had to pay $29 for Frankenbike.