Friday, May 29, 2009

Riding for Miles

Nope, sorry, the title doesn't mean what you think.

As I was riding home yesterday (on the Great Pumpkin again), I turned onto the road at the other end of this path and spotted a familiar bike. It's funny how people in the bike community recognize each other by their bikes. Anyway, I spied a kid riding this bike

After checking for the cork grips I knew for sure it was this bike, owned my the author of Rat Trap Press, who's name happens to be... Miles.

See? I told you the title wasn't what you thought!

Anyway, I called out to the bike's rider, "Hey, I know your dad from the blog!" and at about that time, Miles came jogging up. he explained that since he sold his Surly, when he wants to go out with his son, he lets his son ride the Trek and he's started jogging alongside (or maybe slightly behind).

I enjoyed finally meeting Miles in the flesh. A nice guy. Read his blog. ;- )


Dottie said...

What a fun coincidence!

Doohickie said...

It was bound to happen. We knew each others' bikes, we live less than 5 miles apart, and we both like to ride the Trinity River Trail.