Friday, July 20, 2012

Fred's Texas Cafe

So I was out running errands on my bicycle today, yeah 100+ today, and I went into Fred's Texas Cafe at 915 Currie Street in Fort Worth to refill my water bottle.

I never made it out.

That sounds like a bad thing. Really, it was an awesome thing.

I've heard about Fred's for while now, but every time I've thought about trying them, they were packed (they do get packed). But I was running errands on my bicycle today and they brought me to Fred's just as the lunch hour started. Like I said, I just went in for some water. Then it hit me: The smell of Fred's burgers and their other foods cooking. You just can't walk away from a smell like that if you're anywhere near a mealtime.

Here it is, short and sweet: AWESOME burger, GREAT fries and COLDASS beer.

The burger tastes like it just came off the grill in the back yard. I got mine with cheese "all the way."  The toppings were fresh and crisp. The burger itself was just a little pink inside, just the way I like it. The fries are some of the best I've had. They are cut from whole potatoes with the skin on, and they "double fry" them to make them crispy on the outside, tender inside. And my coldass (their word, by the way) beer was only $2. With the beer, the bill came to about $12. A little pricy for just a burger I suppose, but it was worth it. (Actually, this is becoming pretty typical for the best burger joints locally.)

But that's only half the story. When I asked for the water, the bartender was friendly and gladly filled my bottle. Brian, the inmate in charge of the place, more than made me feel at home. When I decided to stay, I went out to lock up my bike and he followed me out and he asked a few questions about the bike. In general, everyone else that worked there was that friendly. I mean, they really love the place, so it pulls you in.

I wouldn't have minded staying longer, but the sun was hot and getting hotter and I had to pedal home.


Pondero said...

Another great tip for someone always on the lookout for a great burger place. We're lucky to have you out there scoutin' the neighborhood for us.

amidnightrider said...

Sure beats the hell out of the fast food joints.

Unknown said...

Fred's is always a fantastic choice! If you like Bleu Cheese you should try the the Bleu Cheese burger next time. It is heavenly!