Friday, April 27, 2012

Mijo's Fusion

Another bike date with the missus. This time we rode through Fairmount neighborhood up to Mijo's Fusion, a new restaurant at 1109 W. Magnolia Ave. in Fort Worth. They are in the space formerly occupied by Junsuree Thai restaurant (a favorite of ours). The decor inside the restaurant has been completely remodeled (yeah, it was kind of empty; we ate a late lunch). I ordered a Pork Torta, described as "tomatoes, cheddar & jack cheese, our own avocado hummus spread." There were also fresh greens on the sandwich, and it came with handmade potato chips and a very fresh salad (which I unfortunately ate before I remembered to take a picture) How can I describe this sandwich? Fusion comes to mind. Just a bizarre combination- avocado and hummus? Let's just say it works, kind of like the way the Texas Rangers pitching staff works. It's not just good enough, it's spectacular. Everything in the sandwich was something I'd had before, but all together it formed a whole new flavor that is out of this world. My wife had a lot of vegetarian choices on the menu, but special ordered the fajitas without meat. There was still plenty: asparagus, squash, peppers, onions, mushrooms, who knows what else, along with the traditional fajita fixings. They also have delicious key lime pie for dessert, artfully presented. So overall, our taste buds were wowed. We will definitely be returning to sample the rest of their menu. Afterward, we rode our bikes back through Fairmount, enjoying each other's company. All in all, a perfect bike date.

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amidnightrider said...

I was beginning to worry your typing finger may have gotten damaged. All for naught though after seeing these latest two post.

Simply put you have been drinking and eating. Nice.