Friday, January 20, 2012

Another Friday Ramble

January has been very, very good to me. The temperature got up to 80 today so I went on a nice long ramble around Fort Worth, about 41 relaxed miles.

Even thought I didn't start until after 10 am, the winter shadows are still long.

A quick stop in Overton Park

...and out to the creek that leads out to the main river trail.

Once out to the river, I crossed to the other side. See that black bird on the left?

Here's a closer look. I was thinking black egret, but apparently that's an African bird.

The Woodshed still isn't open. The sign promises February 1st.

I'm pretty sure about this one: a snowy egret.

The multiple river crossings at the south end of Trinity Park


Fly-away ramp

Trinity Park. Downtown is not far off.

The old water treatment plant (I think) just north of downtown on Main Street

Heading northwest toward River Oaks

A great blue heron

Rockwood Park Drive

Off to the left of the levy is Crestwood neighborhood

The Trinity Trail is different here than in the southwest part of town. The trail is up on the top of the levy for most of its distance. There is space at the base of the levy, though, that makes a handy dog track. The dogs tend to stay down and don't chase cyclists.

And except for the paved ramps, most of the trail is crushed stone.

I got off the trail for a short bit. I rode on White Settlement Road to cut across one of the loops in the river.

Back to the trail now, and almost to my destination.

This section of the trail starts to look a little different; the channel has stone walls.

This is a recent addition to the trail.

The trail runs by a little waterfall. Very scenic.

Beyond the waterfall is goat farm (yes, the goats are kind of hard to see).

At the end of the trail are the tail and wing of an jet. I've heard they will be used to make shelters along the trail. It makes sense, really; this end of the trail is just a few hundred yards from a Naval Air Station.

They must be prepping for construction, because the entrance to (in my case, exit from) the rail is blocked by construction fencing!

Luckily I did find a gap to get out. I'm not very familiar with this part of town, but I ended up on Roaring Springs Road which I know heads back into town. It's kind of a busy street, but only one lane in each direction, and the lanes are very wide; really almost as wide as two lanes. So even when heavy trucks go by there is enough room.

Back on the west side.

This is River Crest Country Club

I approach one of my favorite spots to ride- the western end of 7th Street. It's one of the highest spots in town, and 7th Street descends down to downtown.

North Hi Mount Elementary School; a beautiful pre-war building.

Downtown gets closer

After riding most of the downhill, I detoured off to the Fort Worth Food Park for my first visit there. It's basically a lot in an industrial neighborhood just north of Montgomery Plaza where six food trucks park. They change up the trucks so the menu varies.

Back on the trail, approaching University Drive

I jumped off the trail an University and headed toward Colonial Country Club (on the right)

This house is across the street from the country club. Very handsome.

The whole area is pretty swank.

The reconstruction of Amon Carter Stadium at TCU is making progress.

Heading south through the barrio near Seminary Drive

The sign in the front yard of the house says
Se Vende
Dueño a Dueño

I think this means "For Sale by Owner" (or owner to owner)

Transitioning back to where English is the primary language

Briefly on busy McCart Avenue... just a couple blocks of this

I turn left almost immediately

Then its just cutting through another neighborhood and I'm home. 41 miles in 70 degree temps in January makes for a nice ride.


Pondero said...

Hmmm. January hasn't given me Friday's off. The weather has been unusually pleasant, but work limits access to it.

John said...

Nice ride, have you seen any "swamp rats" (nutria)?

Doohickie said...

I saw some last fall. Those things are huge.

Jon said...

Temps have been okay, in Denver (50s and 60s), but the 45 mph winds limit my enjoyment of riding for any distance. I'm a wind sissy...

Big Oak said...

Man, that looks like fun. That black bird is a cormorant - a duck-like bird usually found near large bodies of water. They hold their wings out like that to dry because they lack oil glands which would otherwise waterproof their feathers, like ducks.

I really like those crushed limestone trails for the crackling sound the bike tires make.

The Raleigh is looking great!

amidnightrider said...

Nice stuff. I'm limited to shorter rides because of the weather. We had a foot of snow last Friday and by Tuesday it was all gone.

Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Awesome! Cheers! Bruce