Friday, October 14, 2011

A Night Ride

Since some people like more pictures more than words, here are some pics from a night ride I took a little over a week ago. I rode down to the Trinity Trail, then downtown, then home.

First, a few pics of the carnival rides in the parking lot of a church, in preparation for a carnival.

Then out to the trail. This is at the low water crossing where Overton Creek joins the Trinity River.

Downtown is a ways off...

A visit with Mr. Skunk. He was actually pretty close to the trail.

The bridges over the Trinity River at the south end of Trinity Park

Just past the bridges, downtown comes into view

I followed the new bike lanes along Texas Street, riding by the main Firehouse.

Stopped by the T&P Tavern at the turnaround point. It's in the historic Texas and Pacific Train Station, which is still an active train station. A look up at the ceiling:

Andrew and Anthony, the bartenders.

Looking back toward downtown from the near southside

This night, I cut through the campus of Texas Christian University. A random shot of some of the campus

The rest of the ride home was through neighborhood streets... no more pics.


Pondero said...

Thanks for the interesting new perspective. My night photos don't usually turn out so well.

PennyCandy said...

These are some great pictures. Aunt Liz thinks so too.