Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tour de Fort Worth

I enjoyed an evening ride with Fort Worth's new mayor, Betsy Price, this evening. During the Tour de France, she and her husband Tom do daily rides around Fort Worth and call it, not surprisingly, the Tour de Fort Worth. Having just been elected mayor, she opened up the ride to any and all that want to join her. It's pretty cool that the mayor of a city of 750,000 makes herself accessible this way.

We rode a short route, just under 10 miles, because several riders did not have lights with them. As the "local" who knows the area, she allowed me to pick the route. I touched on some of the best spots the Night Riders go: Cutting through Fairmount, through Berkley Place, down Zoo Hill, up the Trinity Trail to Trinity Park, a quick tour of the West 7th area, and then Downtown before heading back to our starting point. We rode several of the recently installed bike lanes. About the only "political" issue I brought up was the rough pavement in some areas.

That's Betsy on the far right, with the blue butterfly on her jersey.

A stop in Trinity Park

for a quick repair

A group photo of the eight of us that rode. When Betsy sees me putting up bunny ears behind her, she'll never ride with me again.

Stopping for a Gatorade on the way home


Steve A said...

Of course, Doohickie has run into Betsy at bike-to-work days in the past. She was just as down-to-earth when I encountered her at the clean air awards last October. I suspect even the bunny ears will be received with good humor.

Betsy for prez?

BeanDip said...

I really enjoy reading your cycling around Fort Worth posts. I don't know much about mayor Price except for what the papers tell me and its good to see her enjoying the city outside the office.

Felicia said...

That's pretty cool that you get to ride bikes/rub elbows with the mayor!

Apertome said...

What fun! It must be wonderful to have such a cool mayor. The bunny ears are too funny!