Monday, June 27, 2011

Pub crawl

On Sunday nights I sometimes ride with the Night Riders on their pub crawl. Tonight was Lounge Night. We met up at the Chat Room.

Then we rolled around Fairmount for a while... and then went over to Trinity Park.

The park has some nice views of Downtown, and soon there will be a bicycle bridge to go over the Trinity River to easily get there.

We hopped out of the park and into the redeveloped area along West 7th Street.

We arrived at our first Lounge stop, the Magnolia Motor Lounge.

The place was hoppin' the sounds of Fish Fry Bingo.

They are a versatile bluegrass band, playing everything from rock standards with a country vibe, to their own genre of music they call Hill-Hop.... hip-hop for hillbillies.

By the time we hit the road again, we really were Night Riders.

We followed West 7th over the river to Downtown on our way to our next Lounge stop,

...the Rainbow Lounge.

Here's a Night Riders group picture on the Rainbow Lounge stage. That's me in the rear on the left end.

From there it was the solitary 9 mile ride home. For some reason, the 24 mph headwind (with gusts to 33) didn't seem to affect me too much. I usually feel stronger on my single speed bike, and this night was no exception. Just follow the Sharrows

Finally I was on my own street, with the street lights casting shadows.

When I got home I'd done 29 miles. Not bad for a Sunday night out with friends.


Felicia said...

Why was I not surpised to see a TX flag on the back of someone's bike?! Texans sure are proud that they live in this state! ;)

GreenComotion said...

Cool report! I hope you had a few beers for me also :)

Peace :)