Friday, May 13, 2011

A Notable Breakfast Ride

Took the Schwinn Cutter for a ride to meet some of the other Night Riders for breakfast at Paris Coffee Shop. Left home early so I took an extended route, up through Foster Park. There was a very polite group of students in the park.

Then I went through Tanglewood.

I followed Overton Creek out to the Trinity River.

Across the low water crossing.

Sometimes there is a blue heron down by the low water crossing. Today, there was a snowy egret.

This is construction of the Clearfork bridge. It will have a main span for the motor traffic, then another span underneath for pedestrian and bicycle traffic, linking the banks of the Trinity River. This will be useful on my commute.

The activity on the other bank of the river is preparation for the Crowne Plaza Invitational at the Colonial Country Club.

Continuing on toward downtown...

And more construction. This one is for a pedestrian bridge that will link downtown to Trinity Park, completing what is currently a "bike trail to nowhere."

Until then, I still need to take 7th Street to get there.

This is an interesting building: I think it used to be an auto dealership a long time back. More recently it housed a private auto collection. You could look at them through the windows but it wasn't a museum or anything. Not too long ago, the cars were moved and I think there are other plans for the building. There is a ramp on the far side of the building to enable cars to drive into either the first or second level of the building.

Almost to my destination, the Paris Coffee Shop, but I paused to take some picks of the bike at the T&P Warehouse.

I met one of the other Night Riders at the Paris. We knew more people were coming but would be late so we went in and ordered... and this is where things got interesting. While we were waiting for breakfast, we noticed a crew was filming.

They were apparently with a Food Network show called Sugar High. Presently, the owner came by with plates of their specialty- coconut cream pie- and asked if we wanted to be on TV. Eventually the crew came around.

The started filming while we ate the pie and talked about how good it was (and it was good!)

They said the show will air in August, so you may want to keep an eye for it.

Back on the road, I found an interesting spot for some more bicycle art:

I stopped by the Texas Christian University Campus to see how the work on the rebuilt Amon Carter Stadium was coming.

The area around TCU has some beautiful older homes.

I went through Bluebonnet Circle and took some fun pics over at Mellow Mushroom Pizza.

As I took that last pic, someone came out of the restaurant; I thought she might yell at me for putting my bike on the grass (which seemed a little thin), but instead she explained she was the manager and offered to take a picture so I could be in it.

The rest of the ride home was just cutting through the various neighborhoods that take me home.

A block from the steel company, housing for Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary.

The seminary itself is in the middle of a pretty run down area. The campus kind of a Faber College feel.

The rest of the ride is kind of a tour through Fort Worth development. There are the old houses from the 1930s





And finally, to my street.

This is part of the Bike Friendly aspect of Fort Worth- you can ride for several miles, getting from one part of town to the other, without having to ride on the busy streets. You can just ride from one neighborhood to the next on the residential streets.


Anonymous said...

It looks like a fine day. Getting on TV, that's different, but I bet the best part was getting paid with a nice slice of pie!

Pondero said...

Thanks for a great story, the architectural history tour, and the Paris Coffee tip. The bicycle art shots are fantastic.

Rat Trap Press said...

Cool! I'll be looking for you on the Food Network.

Steve A said...

Those are cool cows!

Doohickie said...

There used to be a bunch of those all around the circle, all painted with different themes and periodically repainted. Those are the last two left on the circle.

GreenComotion said...

Hiya Paul,
Mellow Mushroom Pizza --- whoda thunked? I liked your photos of statues and art work from this ride!
Peace :)

Avus said...

Thanks for taking a Limey on a tour around your "back-yard", Doohickie.