Friday, January 07, 2011

Shaw's Burgers and Shakes

I intended to do a breakfast ride but got rolling late this morning. So I rode over to the Southside, not knowing where I would end up, and decided to get some lunch at Shaw's Burgers and Shakes at 1057 W. Magnolia Ave, Fort Worth. It's not a huge place, kind of cozy. I decided to sit out on the patio.

The menu has a lot of different burgers including several made from exotic meats, hot dogs, sandwiches, and all kinds of other vittles. Perfect for lunch. I decided to order the SHAWsage Dog, which was actually Andoulle sausage. I decided to give it a try. After some awkwardly long waits and embarrassed apologies on the part of the staff, the meal arrived.

It was kind of like an Italian sausage, but seasoned a bit differently. As I recall (I was counting on them having an online menu but their site isn't complete yet), it had chili, melted cheese, an abundance of grilled onions, and was served open-faced (even the sausage was sliced open) on a hoagie roll. The food was delicious, and is almost more than I care to eat in a sitting. The cole slaw was fresh and tasty.

Now for the bad news: At Shaw's a milkshake costs $3.99, and my glorified hot dog with a Dr. Pepper came to just short of $10, and with tip (yes I tipped okay, despite the spotty service), it was $12 for lunch. Really? For a hot dog and a soda? Costco sells a combo like that for $1.50. Yes, it was on a fancier roll and had some neat stuff added, and yes, it came with a side. But seriously, that was more than I like to pay for a "snack food" lunch. I would have liked to try a burger, but many of those were over $10. The cheapest burger was $8.99.

I would like to recommend this place to others because really, the food was good. But I can't ask someone to pay $15 for a burger lunch. I wish Shaw's well, but these are not burgers for the masses.

UPDATE: If you read the comment below, Shaw's has taken some of my advice to heart. I will be going back for another try at some point, and will post the results. Maybe this time I will try a milk shake.


Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping in for lunch and I do hope you will come back...even though youn think we are a bit pricey. You were actually eating Andoulle Sausage which is pricey initself (word?) so makes me have to price it a bit high...not your typical hot dog! We actually took some of your thoughts to heart though and have dropped the price on a few burgers and sandwiches but really, we are very competitive with the other restauarnts on the block. I'm glad your food tasted good and I'm sorry for the lack in service. However; I think with time we have gotten much better. Hope to see you again soon!

Doohickie said...

Oh wow... I think you're the first person who ever responded for a restaurant I've reviewed. I corrected the name of the sausage in my review, and I will try your place again.

Thanks for the response.