Saturday, December 25, 2010

Bike Date

A couple posts ago, you were introduced to Mrs. Doohickie and her new bike. She's been a willing riding partner and watches the weather, especially on the weekends, to see if we can go for a ride.

Monday I took the afternoon off from work. We originally planned to ride the Trinity Trail from downtown Fort Worth north to the Stockyards for lunch, but after consulting with the weather we changed out minds and rode south from downtown, through Trinity Park, to Panera Bread on University Drive. We changed plans to put the wind at our backs for the ride back to the car. Here is the route we rode:

Approaching the Lancaster St. bridge in Trinity Park

A quick break to take a drink

Two riders, two bikes under Lancaster St. in Trinity Park

Train bridge over the river

Mrs. Doohickie, with downtown Fort Worth as her backdrop

Mrs. Doohickie meets Mark Twain in Trinity Park

Crossing the bridge over the stream in Trinity Park, with University Drive in the background

Two lovers



Felicia said...

That's AWESOME that you guys have a hobby together!!! I love her bike!!! It's so cool!

PennyCandy said...

I actually don't mind these pictures. Yes we have a new hobby together, it has been good to us and for us.

Avus said...

Nice to see that Mrs D has taken to bicycling so well. Enjoy the cycling and each others company. (Unfortunately Mrs Avus can no longer ride with me due to arthritis, but there are good memories)

Apertome said...

What fun! It's great that you can ride together. I need to try to get my wife out riding again sometime, but maybe not until winter is over. Not everyone enjoys riding in snow ...

Anonymous said...

Re: your links list. I used to camp with Skippy of 213 things Skippy isn't allowed to do in the Army. He is that crazy IRL.

Justin said...

I wish I could get my wife to do some rides with me. Good on ya!