Monday, November 01, 2010

City Pig BBQ

So I finally got around to trying a place I've passed probably a hundred times: City Pig BBQ at 2001 8th Ave. at Arlington in Fort Worth. They have all the normal Texas barbecue favorites, brisket and the like, but at a place named City Pig, you gotta go with some kind of pork.

Happily, they had a pulled pork sandwich lunch special. For my side I got coleslaw, and topped it off with a Dr. Pepper and banana pudding for dessert. The girls at the counter assured me that both the coleslaw and pudding are homemade. I got two sauces- the honey mustard that normally comes with the pulled pork, and some spicy barbecue sauce.

After carefully putting honey mustard on one half of the sandwich and spicy barbecue on the other, I tried it. Yum is all I can say. The pulled pork was not slivers of meat like you get on a chopped beef sandwich; it was pencil-thick strands of of tender pork that melt in your mouth. The sauces were both excellent, especially the spicy barbecue which was definitely spicy but not macho-man hot, with a sweet vinegar taste.

The coleslaw was made of thick sliced cabbage and tasted... I guess just the way good coleslaw should taste- a little sweet, a little sour, and the cabbage was crisp, not wilted.

I was fully sated by the meal, but then there was dessert- the banana pudding. It had hunks of bananas and Nilla Wafers mixed in with the pudding, just the way grandmas in Texas know how to do it.

As I was walking out to my bicycle with a satisfied look on my face, another customer was leaving too. He asked what I had and I told him. He said, "You need to try the ribs- the best in Fort Worth."

It looks like I still have more research to do at the City Pig. But even if it didn't have ribs, it's worth the trip.

I ran across another eatery on the way home. This one is less formal, on Wellview, just north of McCart and I-20. The diners were a little different,

and so was the entree:

Yep, this turkey buzzard was enjoying a fine meal of pulled cat.

I think I'll stick with the pulled pork at City Pig.


HeidiTri's said...

Mmmm. ribs are the one meat that I have a hard time resisting!

Avus said...

After that meal I guess you were not riding a dropped handlebar bike? The "Old Gentleman" would have been kinder to your gut!