Friday, April 16, 2010

Dixie House Cafe

There's been some recent controversy about the closing of Dixie House Cafe in downtown Fort Worth. The location just south of Hulen Mall at 5401 South Hulen Street is still going strong though.

As is the issue with many breakfast cafes and strip malls, there is no dedicated bicycle parking. I had to lock up to the pole that holds up the awning.

Inside the decor looks like a steakhouse. That's because this location used to house Harrigan's Steakhouse.

The thing that Dixie House excels at is floor service. Yeah, there's a waitress that takes your order, but here, all the wait staff wait on all the customers. One benefit of this is that the coffee cup is never empty.

I ordered one of the breakfast specials. It came with everything that makes a breakfast hearty. I ordered the eggs over medium and by gosh, they nailed it- firm white, loose yoke, just the way I cook for myself at home. You'd be amazed at how many restaurants can't get this right, but Dixie House got it perfect.

The price was right, too. For good service and good food at a good price, check out Dixie House.

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