Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Scenes

I will start my post about Christmas by presenting a picture of the tackiest house on our street. No, it's not ours.

'Round here, we do a Christmas pageant at our church. This year I reprised my role as Cow #2 (in this pageant, the cows tell the story). Here are a couple pics from the rehearsal. First, one of the wise men:

Then the baby Jesus, along with his mom and dad as Mary and Joseph. For the actual pageant they cleverly disguised big brother as a donkey.

The actual pageant went off okay, despite the fact that Cow #2 was blinded by the spotlight that was the star above the manger and couldn't read some of his lines. (Thanks to Cow #1 for the help!)

We belong a church, but attend that church and two others kind of regularly. Our friend Betsy preaches at a small church and we heard her sermon based on the charge the Angel Gabriel gave to the heavenly host before they went to honor the birth of the Christ child. She really got into her role, wings and all.

Finally it was Christmas Eve. Shortly after we awoke, the snow started. Our thermometer said it was too warm for snow, but the snow disagreed. Either way, the weather stick pointing down always means nasty weather.

The plan for Christmas Eve was to go to church at the Episcopal Church where our son sings in the choir (they hire a few college students). Then we would go to church at the Presbyterian congregation where we are members.

As we drove to the first stop, we marveled at the snow that was falling. This might be our first White Christmas in Fort Worth in many years.

As we walked into the church, we saw this snow was getting serious.

The drive home was treacherous. My son lost control at one point and skidded across a couple lanes. Luckily no other cars got involved.

So once we got home, we decided to stay. Services at the church we belong to were canceled on account of the weather, and that was fine with us. The snow seems to be over, but the wind is still whipping around pretty good.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas. And stay warm!


PennyCandy said...

Merry Christmas honey and soon you will have another post. ;-))

Felicia said...

lol I love tacky Christmas houses!!! (As long as they aren't across the street from me!)