Monday, November 09, 2009

A Notable Commute

I figured I would take a nice leisurely evening ride home that included a few miles on the Trinity River Trail. We've had a wet fall, but no rain for the last week or two. Where I get on the trail I have to go over one of the low water crossings. Would it be clear? Well, it was dry... kind of. A little muddy. But there was a lot of debris on the crossing. You know, little twigs and stuff.... like this:

I was determined though so I cyclocrossed the low-water crossing and went up the other side. I got to the other low-water crossing where I usually cross back and waddya know? This one was still flooded.

So now I had to ride a few more miles down the trail and get off at a point where I can take a road bridge across. I settled in for the longer ride and started pushing the pedals. I noticed a headlight behind me on the trail that was getting closer and closer. The guy finally caught up to me and it turned out to be a good friend of mine. We've known each other for years, but never rode together. I found out why.... this guy can really hammer away. Still, he preferred to ride with a partner and had pity on me and allowed me to hang around. I hadn't ridden in almost a week, had a leisurely ride into work (read: I had no energy) and this afternoon wasn't much better. I didn't want to hold him up too much, so I pushed harder than I really wanted to.

We did probably about 10 miles together before splitting up about a block from his house. I rode the mile or so to my house and nearly collapsed from exhaustion. It was a great ride. :)


Steve A said...

Pretty good sized twigs in those photos! Odd the way old friends show up like that, eh?

Doohickie said...

That one log is literally the size of a small car.

RANTWICK said...

Watch for falling logs! Nice pics and post, Doohickie.

Dottie said...

A cyclocross commute - now that's hardcore ;)

Ist doch egal said...

Rode up to that after dark. Got right up on the waters edge before we realized it was going to be a truncated ride.

Velouria said...

Um, wow.
I think we have a consensus: Hardcore indeed!